Dietling Stingl – BMDCC National Specialty  Conformation Judge  (Nana BMD Australia)
Dietlind began breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs under the kennel name “Nana” in 1976. She currently shares her home in Langenzersdorf, Austria with two veterans: Ch Nana´s Soffi (10 years old) and Nana’s Tizian, who will be 9 years old in April. Ms. Stingl passed the FCI exam in 1986 to qualify as a judge of Swiss Mountain Dogs (Appenzell, Bernese, Entlebuch & Greater Swiss). Initially, she judged at shows in her home country, then, in 1987 was invited to Brno, Czechoslovakia. In 1990, she judged the World Dog Show, as well as several other club shows in Czechoslovakia. In following years, she judged in Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Denmark, the USA, Hungaria, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and most recently, at the Eurodogshow in Belgium in November 2016. The highlights of her judging career were judging the 1998 American National Specialty in Rhode Island (where she judged around 400 Bernese over 4 days), as well as the German club show that same year, and receiving 3 invitations to judge the Russian club shows in Moscow.
Dietlind is looking forward to visiting Canada for the first time in June 2017 to judge our National Specialty Show.

Benjamin Taylor – CQBB Specialty Conformation Judge (Malicloy BMD, Australia)

Ben's passion for the Bernese Mountain Dog started in 1999 with his first Bernese, Ch. Alpenhund Brutus Maximus 'Max.'  He bred his first litter under the "Malicloy" pre-fix in 2008. Malicloy Bernese Mountain Dogs are to date the most successfully awarded Bernese Kennel in South Australia.  Ben & his wife Holly pride themselves on presenting some of Australia's top-winning & producing Bernese Mountain Dogs.  They have been awarded Multiple All-Breeds Best in Show & Best in Specialty Show at National and Regional level, as well as numerous Best in Group with several of their dogs.  
Ben has a keen interest in Drafting Dogs & is on the National Drafting Committee. He has served as the President, Vice President, and on several other committee positions for the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of South Australia (BMDCSA).
Ben is an Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) & FCI approved Championship Show Specialist Judge of the Bernese Mountain Dog. He has judged Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty Shows in Melbourne, Australia (2014), Warsaw, Poland (2014), Canfield, Michigan (2015), & Amsterdam, Holland (2016).  In 2017, Ben looks forward to judging in Canada, Russia & the USA.

Jackie Green – BMDCC Specialty Sweepstakes Judge (Arvella BMD, UK)

Jackie Green has always loved and lived with dogs. She spent her teenage years working at a show kennel of Golden Retrievers, and her knowledge of construction and movement came from those early days. She saw, and fell in love with, her first Bernese Mountain Dog in 1980, but had to wait until 1983 for her first puppy from the famous Crensa Kennel of John and Betty James. Jackie bred her first of eleven litters under the Arvella affix in 1986, and has owned, and been owned by, 24 lovely Bernese to date. She enjoys both showing her dogs and judging Bernese owned by fellow exhibitors. She first judged Bernese at Open Show level in 1986 and at Championship Show level in 1997. Jackie is an AKC Approved Judge and in 2009 judged the Bernese Sierra West Regional Specialty in California. She is also a Kennel Club Assessor for first time judges of Bernese Mountain Dogs in the United Kingdom. In 2014, she had the honour of judging a lovely entry of over 200 dogs from both the U.K. and Europe at Crufts, a day she will always remember. She has travelled to Europe, Canada and the U.S.A. to visit Bernese Kennels and have attended Breed Shows in Europe and the U.S.A. as well as attending World Shows, Euro Dog Shows and the Westminster Show at Maddison Square Gardens in New York.

Ms. Green is a member of the UK Kennel Club and currently sits on the Committee of the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Great Britain. Her time on this Committee includes four years as Secretary, two years as Treasurer, and she is currently the Chair the Judges Sub-Committee. In recent years she has become more involved in the health and welfare issues that are affecting our breed and she actively support Bernese Welfare.

Jackie and her husband Paul and share their home with Lily, (a five year old bitch who keeps them all in order), Jesse and Dorris--two scrumptious Bernese, who keep them active--and Teddy, their new puppy who encourages them to decorate.


Krista Rohrbach – CQBB Specialty Sweepstakes Judge (Bernina BMD, Canada)

Krista Rohrbach presently lives in Gatineau, Quebec with her sweetheart dogs and constant companions; four-year old Bernese “Quinn”, Ch. Backcountry’s Quantum Leap, and five-year old Miniature Wire-haired Dachshund “Oliver” Prelude’s a Twist of Fate. Her first love has always been as an active competitor in the conformation ring where she first began to show German Shepherds in her early teens for her father. She has since shown a variety of different breeds to their Canadian and American Championship titles. From 1997 to 2008, Krista focused her attention mostly on showing their homebred Bernina BMD’s in both Canada and the USA. I had the thrill of a life time and the honor of showing “Bruno” aka MBIS, MBISS Can/Am Ch. Bernina Bach Bruno v. Lowenzehn TT, CGN to his # 1 in breed standing in Canada in 2001 and 2002, and on very limited showing our “Echo” aka, Ch. Bernina Cresta Storm Dancer CGC who finished # 5 in Canada in 2005.

Krista and her sister Heidi worked hard over many years in the planning and the developing of Bernina Kennel. Their limited breeding program was always centered on soundness in temperament, type, movement, structure and health. Outside the conformation ring Krista has also had a variety of experiences: tracking, search and rescue, and obedience with their Shepherds, obedience, agility, and therapy work, and carting with her BMDs, and den trial with her Miniature Wire-haired Dachshund. She firmly believes that the dogs that we commit to owning and breeding should be capable of doing the work that they are born and bred to do. 

Over the years, she has served in variety of functions and positions for several dog clubs, including organizing sanction matches, judging junior handling, and doing behavioural and health assessments of BMDs that come into the BMDCC rescue program in the Outaouais region.

She would like to thank the CQBB and looks forward to this Sweepstake judging assignment and being back in the ring in different capacity.    


Bobbi Kinley Blewett, Sieger Show Judge (Adesa BMD, USA)

Bobbi was born into a dog show family. Her mother and father raised German Shepherds and Afghan Hounds under the prefix “SherSan”. She learned to handle in junior showmanship and then became a professional all breed dog handler, specializing in large breed dogs. Her mom and dad got into BMD's in the mid-70s. In 1979, they acquired AM/CAN CH Shersan's Chang O Pace v Halidom CD; Bobbi was fortunate enough to be able to handle “Pace” through his specials career. In the end, he was the all time top winning BMD in America, and still holds that record to this day.

In the early 90s, after getting married, Bobbi and her husband Bill started breeding their own dogs under the “Adesa” prefix. They have bred or owned over 100 champions. They have been extremely fortunate to have produced 8 number one dogs and bitches in America.

When judging Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bobbi looks for type, movement, and temperament.  She says,  “I guess you could say I'm a movement fanatic. These are working dogs, and they must have good legs underneath them to do their job. Soundness is first and foremost. If I can find a sound dog that is very typey with a wonderful disposition that is my perfect dog!!!!”


Jennifer Julian - BMDCC Draft Test Judge

Jenn Julian lives in the Maritimes and started competing in the sport of Draft over 10 years ago in both Canada and the US. She has had the privilege of being owned by some wonderful Bernese Mountain Dogs that have taught her patience, perseverance and humility in their pursuit of obtaining draft dog titles. Some of her most cherished memories and moments with her dogs have been doing draft. She has felt both the pain of failing her dog during a test and the jubilation of earning a new title together.

Jennifer is very passionate about the sport of Draft and completed all the requirements to become an All-Breed Draft judge in 2011.

Ms. Julian works hard to host local workshops and classes in an effort to promote and grow the sport. She has coordinated draft tests in the Maritimes every year so teams in the eastern provinces can trial and view the sport. Jenn wishes all the draft teams the best of luck, but most of all an enjoyable experience making memories together with your four-legged teammate!


June Ward - BMDCC Draft Test Judge      

June first became interested in draft in 1989, when she watched a draft test put on by the Newfoundland Dog club. At that time, only Newfoundlands could earn the title. She attended the first CKC Draft Council meeting to have Draft tests opened up to include all breeds. June is still on the council today and was the Zone 6 (Ontario West) Draft Dog Rep for the CKC from 2002 to 2016. In September 2016, she moved to a new location, and is now the representative for Zone 4 (Ontario North). Being part of this council allows her to have input whenever changes or additions are proposed for the draft test rules.

June has been judging and stewarding at Specialty and all-breed draft tests since 1998. She has judged draft tests in Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and in May 2017, she will add Alberta to the list of provinces. She has taught draft seminars in Ontario and Quebec, loves working with new enthusiasts, and tries to make it fun.

Ms. Ward presently lives in Tiny, Ontario with her 4 Berners and 2 Leonbergers. She has been breeding Bernese since 1995, and Leonbergers since 2006 under the kennel name KUMNC.


Denise Lauzon - BMDCC Draft Test Judge

Denise became a drafting enthusiast from the moment she harnessed and hitched her first Berner, Harry, to a cart 9 1/2 years ago. This sport is a wonderful way to build a special relationship with each dog.  She set her sights not only on the challenge of achieving titles at all levels with her dogs, but also on becoming a draft test judge.  She has attained Draft Dog, Draft Dog Excellent, and Brace Draft Dog titles on her Bernese Mountain Dogs. In 2014, Denise completed all the requirements to become a Draft Test Judge.  She has judged several draft tests to date in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and has been invited to Alberta to judge in May 2017.

Ms. Lauzon is active in promoting this sport, encouraging all breeds to join in the fun. For the past 4 years she has organized the participation of Berners pulling their carts at community events, whether in parades or giving a demonstration. She has planned, assisted at, and instructed multiple carting clinics in the Ottawa area, and chaired several draft tests.  She enjoys watching the popularity of this sport grow.