All breeders listed in the breeder directory are current members in good standing with the BMDCC and have signed and agreed to follow the club's BMDCC code of ethics and BMDCC Recommendations & Guidelines for Breeders. However, it is the buyers responsibility to research and determine the breeder's reliability. The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada in no way endorses or makes recommendation of any name on this list. 

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For more information on individual Bernese Mountain Dogs and breeders see the Berner-Garde database.
A breeder must have been a BMDCC member for one year, have all their berners listed in berner garde, all testing must be listed for their breeding dogs, before being eligible to apply to be listed in our breeder directory
If you have been a BMDCC member in good standing for at least one year,  and would like your name added to the breeder directory, please download and complete the Breeder Directory Application Form (pdf) and return to:
June Ward
Tiny, ON 
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it