KELSEY went missing: North of Grand Bend, Lake Huron, ON

We lost our Bernese Sept 11 2015 when she got spooked and ran from our cottage.  Kelsey  was 11 years old in July, she is a spayed female who can be quite timid. She had recently lost weight and was acting a bit 'spacey' the night before and that day. We fear that when she became lost she may have found a place to die. Despite a massive search we have never found any sign of her, dead or alive. She has a large lipoma on her side. Our cottage is just north of Grand Bend, on Lake Huron Ontario, but we actually live 2 hours away between Fergus and Orangeville. Any help you can offer would be appreciated, even if she has been found dead, we would like to know. She was not wearing her collar or tags but she does have a tattoo RNX99P

Please contact Anne Woods if you have any information about Kelsey.  519-362-3852


If you have lost or found a Bernese Mountain Dog in Canada, please contact BMDCC Rescue and we will do what we can to help to get the information out and help bring these dogs home. 

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