Up to a year wait is not unusual. With the COVID pandemic, many breeders delayed their breeding plans and now have a 1-2 year waiting list. It will depend mostly on the type of home you can provide and what interests you have in the breed. Expect to wait longer for show/breeding potential pups since they are fewer in numbers than pet quality. Likewise if you wish to purchase from a particular breeder. Most breeders will want to meet you if possible and then put you on a waiting list if you are both in agreement of you getting a puppy from that particular breeder.

It is considered quite common to ship a puppy from one part of the country to another part or even to another country – do not be afraid to contact breeders outside of your area. However there are a few drawbacks: you will not likely be able to see both parents of the litter or meet the breeder in person. You can request a list of references of previous puppy buyers and a video tape or pictures of the parents of the litter and possibly littermates as well. You should expect to pay for any shipping fees and the cost of a shipping crate. Although buying a puppy sight unseen can be a bit more risky, it is done successfully time after time. As long as you are dealing with a reputable breeder, you will likely be very happy. It is common courtesy to advise all the people with whom you have left your name that you have found your companion.