June Ward – June has been described as devoted, passionate, inspiring, tireless, honest and a wonderful representative of the Club. She has been a long-time BMDCC member, having served on the Board in various capacities over many years. She has chaired many obedience trials for the BMDCC and served on Show Committees. In her capacity as Draft Rep and Draft Judge, she has acted as liaison between the BMDCC and the CKC, as well as with other clubs. She has judged countless Draft Tests across Canada (and the USA). She tirelessly gives of her time to educate and share her passion in draft, often travelling great distances to draft workshops. She has also hosted booths at Pet Expos many times, sharing her knowledge of Bernese both as a breeder and a protector of the breed.

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In 2017, the Outstanding Service Award was re-named the BMDCC Eve Menegoz Memorial Award for Outstanding Service.

Rose Tierney – Rose Tierney has been a long-time BMDCC member and breeder under the kennel name “Sasha”. She has volunteered for the Rescue Committee for many years and willingly gives much time for home visits, assessments and support to owners, fosterers and adoptive families alike. She is always willing to share her knowledge and experience with Berner owners, and is a well-known and respected contributor to various e-lists. Rose has been a Sieger judge at multiple National Specialities, helping educate Berner fanciers. She is truly deserving of this award.

Maureen Greaves – Maureen has chaired the BMDCC Rescue Committee since 2006, tirelessly coordinating volunteers, providing unending support and advice and always being available to assist Bernese in need. She has served on the executive for many years as Prairies Director, President, Past President, and on various committees. And, while serving in both the roles of President and Rescue Chair, she also took on the herculean task of organizing and chairing the BMDCC 2015 National Specialty in Calgary.

Denise Lauzon – Denise has been a BMDCC rescue volunteer for many years including fostering, transporting, assessing and caring for sick Bernese that come into rescue. She has also been very active in promoting draft work in the breed by organizing and holding many draft seminars. She has chaired specialty draft tests as well as volunteering at numerous National Specialty committees. At the request of the BMDCC executive she has investigated complaints submitted to the board and offered sound advice on resolution.

Jennifer Julian – Jennifer has organized and chaired many draft tests and seminars in the Atlantic Region. In 2012 she chaired the National Specialty in Halifax and hosted the Specialty Draft test on her own property. She is a member of the BMDCC Education Committee and has coordinated and set up numerous breed booths at shows in Halifax. Jenn also volunteers as the Atlantic reporter for the Bernese Please Newsletter.

Presented at the 2015 BMDCC Fun Day in Rigaud, QC

Eve Menegoz – for her decades of dedication to the breed, from getting the breed established and recognized in Canada, to establishing the BMDCC and serving on the board and on various committees, to serving as judge for numerous National Specialties, to hosting and donating to numerous club activities and events.

Presented at the 2014 BMDCC Specialty Banquet in Long Sault, ON

Wendy Bennett – for her many years serving on the BMDCC executive as Maritime Director, President and Past President, on various committees and as assistant editor of the Bernese Please. Wendy has organized numerous carting seminars, draft tests and chaired the 2005 National Specialty in Fredericton, NB. She is a member of the CKC Draft Council and a Draft Judge.

Maria Cabrelli – for serving multiple terms on the BMDCC executive as Treasurer and Secretary, acting as Chief Electoral Officer and Auditor. She has been active on the rescue committee and on several National Specialty Committees and dedicated years to running the BMDCC Ways and Means.

Melodie Grabner – for serving multiple terms on the BMDCC executive as Secretary and Treasurer, chairing the 2002 National Specialty of which the current day policy and guidelines were born. She managed the Exec yahoo group for years and has actively promoted and organized working events and breed boosters.

Presented at the 2013 BMDCC Specialty Banquet in Edmonton, AB

Lynne and Paul Bagnall – for countless hours organizing draft tests, draft clinics, Breed rescue, Breed boosters and National Specialties. For actively promoting the breed through public education and preserving the working heritage of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Véronique Matte-Paquet – for her dedication to the breed by promoting health and the Breed Standard. For the countless hours spent assisting with Bernese Rescue.

Presented at the 2012 BMDCC Specialty Banquet in Halifax, NS

Robin Camken – for being an integral part of our club for many years, showing true dedication and tireless work on behalf of the club and our breed. Robin has held several positions on the executive including Vice President, President and Membership Chair. She has also volunteered to be the Newsletter Editor, the Webmaster, as well as to chair several National Specialities.

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Presented at the 2010 BMDCC Specialty Banquet in Chilliwack, BC

Wanda Tait – for her many years actively serving the club both as an officer and member of the Board of Directors and on several committees: including BMDCC Constitution, the BMDCC Breeder Guidelines, CKC Standard and Judges’ Education committees.

Presented at the 2009 BMDCC Specialty Banquet in Trois Rivières, Quebec

Angela Wagenblast – for years of work on the BMDCC executive as the Ontario Director, on the rescue committee both as the Chair and a member, and for coordinating and chairing multiple Sieger Shows for Bernese Mountain Dogs since 1999.

Jane Sherris – for not only spending endless hours of work keeping up the club’s records, but also updating data in Berner Garde which benefits the Bernese community as a whole.

Trish Wright – for her work as the Bernese Please Newsletter Editor from 2003-2009

No nominations

Presented at the 2007 BMDCC Specialty Banquet in Cornwall, Ontario

Ron Smith – for creating and managing the BMDCC Records database for 25 Years (award announced in 2006, but presented in 2007).

Barb Gowan – for an exceptional effort managing and coordinating Bernese rescues in Ontario.

Chantal Therrien – for outstanding devotion to and involvement in Bernese rescue efforts in Quebec and the Ottawa region.

Presented at the 2006 BMDCC Specialty in Edmonton, Alberta

Coral and David Denis – for more than 25 years of service to the club, holding various positions on the board of directors, organizing numerous events, and generously donating to fundraisers.

Lea Doane – for spending hundreds of hours rebuilding the club’s records database after it was accidentally destroyed, compiling data and producing three years of missing Records reports in a very timely manner.

Tracy Ricard – for demonstrating exceptional dedication to BMDCC Rescue, serving as the clubs first Rescue Chair and holding the position for 9 years.